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Client Testimonials . . . 

I have been seeing Laura Cardillo for approximately two years for private Reiki sessions and for my skin care. Laura is by far the best medical aesthetician that I have ever had! This is best described as an "experience" rather than a routine skin care appointment. From the moment I exit my car and enter through her little white gate I am magically transported to her beautiful and whimsical backyard. Immediately you feel relaxed with her fountain, bird sanctuary and beautiful landscape. Laura's office has a cozy cottage feel and is immaculate. She has excellent health protocols! If you choose, Laura will begin the facial appointment with a short Reiki session. Already you feel so calm! She is an expert at assessing and individualizing your specific skin care needs. Most recently I have chosen her Oxygen Facial and receive compliments on my skin well past my appointment. Her full Reiki sessions are equally healing and Laura has great insight and abilities. You can feel her positive energy just being in her presence. Laura's services add greatly to my self care routine and I feel restored inside and out every visit. I greatly look forward to this being a steady part of my life!

Pat M.

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