PCA Facial Wash

$ 31.00

Gently remove impurities and makeup while leaving the skin hydrated, soothed and pH balanced with this cleanser including lactic acid, aloe and willow bark.

Control Corrective Cucumber Bead Cleanser


A multipurpose exfoliation cleanser containing tiny circular jojoba beads that are gentle enough for all skin types.

Control Corrective Medicated Pumice Wash

$ 31.00

A medicated cleansing wash that helps reduce acne bacteria and oily skin.

PCA Nutrient Toner

$ 35.00

Refine pores and nourish the skin with this pumpkin wine-based toner filled with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that leave the skin healthy and glowing.

PCA Smoothing Toner

$ 34.00

Purify pores and remove dead skin cells with this astringent lactic and citric acid toner. Botanical extracts reduce surface oil and calm breakout-prone skin.

Control Corrective Balancing Tonic

$ 28.00

A calming aloe vera based botanical hydrating tonic for all skin types. 

Control Corrective Crystal C Serum

$ 65.00

Helps fight the signs of aging as it brightens and hydrates the complexion. An infusion of natural botanical extracts are included to aid in calming and balancing dehydrating skin.

PCA Ideal Complex Restorative Eye Cream

$ 85.00

Treat dark circles, puffiness, wrinkling and sagging eyelids with this impressive blend of peptides, growth factor and stem cell extract in a rich cream.​

PCA EyeXcellence

$ 50.00

Improve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness while preventing fine lines around the eyes with this hydrating triple-peptide cream.

Control Corrective Lactic-C Firming Cream

$ 68.00

A hydrating and nourishing day/night cream designed to tone, smooth and balance aging skin. This combination of just enough alpha-hydroxy acid and Vitamin C improve skin brightness. Lactic acid, an easily absorbed alpha-hydroxy acid, increases skin's moisture capacity, thereby plumping up the surface and enhancing elasticity. 

Control Corrective Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30

$ 49.00

Full spectrum sunscreen that delivers fast-absorbing hydration with a crisp fresh scent. Loaded with antioxidants.

Hydrator Plus SPF30

$ 35.00

Protect aging skin against UVA and UVB rays with their most hydrating sunscreen. Added antioxidants increase protection from free-radical damage.

Remedy Skin Repair Cream

$ 10.00

Protects and relieves dry, cracked skin. Deeply hydrating. The best hand cream I've ever used. 

Custom Blended YL Tick and Mosquito Spray

$ 12.00

Ticks and Mosquitoes are both attracted to the carbon dioxide we give off.

I custom blend Young Living essential oils that mask our scent along with oils that are known to repel these pests into a fine mist spray that smells lovely and works wonders!

Custom Blended YL Bug Bite Balm

$ 5.00

I blend Young Living essential oils to create a soothing bug bite roll-on balm to calm itching and irritation.

Custom Bended YL Essential Oil Roll-ons

$ 8.00

I custom blend a Young Living essential oil Roll-On created for your specific needs.  Contact me for customization.

Pre-made Roll-ons include:  Peace and Calming, Peppermint and Immunity

Custom Blended YL Room Sprays

$ 15.00

I custom blend Young Living essential oils to make a room spray for your home, office or car.

Pre-Made Sprays Include:  Serenity, Sunny Citrus, Lavender and Smudge* (Sage) Sprays.

Contact me for a custom blend.


*Dry Sage is burned to clear energy from a room, person or object, called Smudging.

    Smudge Spray is a great alternative to those sensitive to smoke in their home or office.

Super Moon Crystal Elixirs

$ 8.00

A Crystal Elixir can be used as a way of conveniently getting crystal energy for spiritual, healing, emotional or other purposes without having to carry around a stone.  Crystal Elixirs can be dropped in water, under the tongue,  in a bath, massaged on chakra points or anywhere on the body that resonates with the specific healing requested. They can also be used topically for pets and plants.


My elixirs are created using the indirect method under the Super Moon/Full Moon.

Crystals that are used:

Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love / Self Love, pets, plants

Nirvana Quartz - Connects to Higher Self / Great for Meditation / Enlightenment

Smoky Quartz - Grounding / Relieves Tension, Stress, Anxiety

Amethyst - Healing / Clarity / Sleep / Lowers Stress / Elevates Mood

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