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All the benefits of the O2 Facial PLUS a luxurious finishing mask, hand massage & hot towel wrap!


Forget what the O2 Facial was?


Start your Skincare Power Hour with a deep cleanse, thorough analysis and a deeply relaxing face, neck, arm and decollete massage.

Next, enjoy an ultrasonic exfoliating treatment, followed by an enzymatic peel.

Once your pores are cleaned out and skin deeply exfoliated, a potent, custom ampoule is misted through a high-power O2 infuser. This sprays the Nutrient-Infused Oxygen mist into your skin to hydrate and feed over 19 million cells per square inch.

This is immediately followed by a Red Light Treatment that smooths fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone, diminishes hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen and elastin production and pushes that custom ampoule down to the lower levels of your epidermis.

Finish off this exceptional facial with a custom product application that will enhance and protect your luminous glow!

Facial - 02 Power Facial PLUS

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